Proffesional Theropod Monster


Stormfly’s body language is seriously killing me here they did SO GOOD WITH FUCKING BODY LANGUAGE IN THIS MOVIE



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Daypost for my Patreon!  I added a plot synopsis and ideas for future episodes!  I also increased the amount of sketches you get in a concept bundle!

Are you tired of the media misrepresenting exotic animals?  Me too!  Exotic animals are so often brushed aside as a throwaway pet.  ”They only live a few years anyway!”  WRONG!  We may not be able to convince the parents how to properly care for an animal, but we can certainly encourage children!  I believe the way to do this is through fun and educational programming, something that’s severely lacking on television these days.

Brian Barczyk is launching AnimalBytesTV, a web network that’s main goal is to spread education and awareness about the beautiful creatures that inhabit this earth.  No more sensationalist crap spewing complete lies and rumors, no, they’re going back to the good old days of real informative educational programming.

What does every network need?  A cartoon! I’m going to be producing a 5 minute pilot for his network.  If he likes it, maybe there will be more! Wouldn’t that be so cool?

I’m basically going to be doing all of the production work myself, but Patreons are more than welcome to give feedback, ideas, criticisms and the like!  Depending on what you want, you’ll have access to streams, tests, sketches, storyboards, you might get to see the whole process from start to finish!  To start, I’m just going to list digital and traditional sketches.  Once I have the designs fleshed out, it’ll be on to storyboards, then animatic!  As I finalize designs, I’ll be posting up character turnarounds for everyone to see.  If you wanna see the concept art, however, you’ll have to become a patron! :D

People please spread this!  Allison is a fantastic animator with a passion for exotics education and I don’t know about you guys but I would LOVE to see some more educational fun animated series based around animals, especially those the media loves to neglect or abuse!

Even if you can’t support, please reblog this and spread it around so those who may be interested can!



Snuggling cockatiels (source)


Hey vincent look


Something to keep in mind: Archosaur hands only have claws on the three innermost digits (I-III).

For example, take a look at this left forepaw of a modern crocodilian:



SPREAD THIS lmao this is a tiny pet peeve I have when people draw crocodillians partially because I think it’s a fuckin cute as hell detail

It should also be noted that modern crocodilians only have 4 digits of their hind claws too, again with only 3 claws on the inner most digits


Educational pancakes.

I will eat every single one


Marie Thorhauge





Actual Flexible Gang of Geckos!

Give me one good reason why you omitted the part where they all show one another their butts! 

I dunno, it simply didn’t butt in?

screams i still love the bearded dragon girl so much <33

This is my im officially back from AC post and now it is time to knock the fuck out because not sleeping for like a week is apparently really bad for ones health

I had a fucking blast and miss a whole bunch of people and now im gong to sleep forever goodnight eerrybody